I have just returned from the Southern. Work is continuing on redistribution of the landslide debris but the water pipe from the weir is not yet functioning.

The river down to the Tutho junction is chocolate colored and is, I think, not worth fishing. From the junction down, the water is the color of weak milky coffee and is certainly fish-able. However, any rain in the forest will likely adversely affect the fishing.



There is quite a lot of silt which has been washed into the lower beats, but any rain, bringing up the river, will clear some of this silt, except that new silt will be brought down again ………….

I suppose that the good news is that the river did not come down in a massive wave, as it did in the previous (smaller) landslide three or four years ago, The water level, while high, was well down on that level and the rise was relatively gradual.

Quite a lot of gum felling. Following the realization by KTDA about four years ago that oil fired boilers were not economical (when the farmers really only sold gum timber for building), the farmers are now getting Shs 1,600 per cum from the agents (who get Shs 1,800 from the factory). So quite a bit of gum debris in the lower water.

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