We just got a report from Musa Ibrahim that the KPLC connection at the Northern Camp is back on. The […]

I’ve been waiting for this book since February 1981 when I first walked down the steps at Jomo Kenyatta airport […]

If you are travelling to the Gulf, there are opportunities to fly fish for trophy fish if you know where […]

Some 8 km of alpine rivers in a 8,000 ha Conservancy with mature montane forests, alpine meadows, glades and moorlands […]

We have had a great response to our request for prizes for the KASA raffle on 6th April 2013. Please […]

There is an opinion circulating in this Club that there are no fish in the Northern or Gichuki Rivers. This […]

I have just returned from the Southern. Work is continuing on redistribution of the landslide debris but the water pipe […]

What do a 15th century English noblewoman, animal feathers, a rugby accident and a runaway modern leisure industry have to do with Kenya? The answer is flies. No not that […]

It is a debate that has raged for years. But now Britain’s four million anglers can rest easy – because […]