Zambezi Tiger

PISCATORIBUS SACRUM Is engraved over the fireplace in each of our camps. It means ‘Dedicated to Fishermen’ Your Chairman explains […]

Dear Fellow KFFC Members, I regret to inform you that a long-standing member and friend of the KFFC, Mr John […]

Harry Brainch, who caught the biggest fish on the Northern in our 94th Season receives Harrison’s Horn from our eponymous […]

Hi Ya, hope you all well and looking forward to your dinner. We are putting a book together called Samaki, in […]

NAIROBI, Kenya — Frustrated by a string of failed hijacking attempts, Somali pirates have turned to a new business model: […]

One man one river – David Lemon almost half-way through his epic exploration … he nears the Lower Zambezi – […]

  Women fish! That may seem obvious to some, but it’s a ridiculous concept to far too many. During a […]

It began as an irksome drizzle. My fingers slipped around the knot I was tying on my Beaded Prince. Then […]