If you are travelling to the Gulf, there are opportunities to fly fish for trophy fish if you know where to go.

Here is a good start if you are travelling to Qatar or Dubai.


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Some 8 km of alpine rivers in a 8,000 ha Conservancy with mature montane forests, alpine meadows, glades and moorlands on a 60 year lease with opportunities for trout fishing, mountaineering and wildlife observations. Set in the Mt Kenya Forest Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and only 2½ hrs drive from Nairobi. Offer limited to 6 investors who have the following benefits:

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We have had a great response to our request for prizes for the KASA raffle on 6th April 2013.

Please see current prize list below with donations still coming in!
Tickets are only 200/-.

Please purchase raffle tickets to show your appreciation of the generosity of the donors & also your support of KASA.
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There is an opinion circulating in this Club that there are no fish in the Northern or Gichuki Rivers. This is as truthful as the claim from Pakistani Government that no-one of any interest was living in a mansion in Abbottabad for five and a half years.

So we ask you all to try the Northern Camp this year. Here are ten good reasons to fish the Northern and Gichuki:-

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I have just returned from the Southern. Work is continuing on redistribution of the landslide debris but the water pipe from the weir is not yet functioning.

The river down to the Tutho junction is chocolate colored and is, I think, not worth fishing. From the junction down, the water is the color of weak milky coffee and is certainly fish-able. However, any rain in the forest will likely adversely affect the fishing.

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What do a 15th century English noblewoman, animal feathers, a rugby accident and a runaway modern leisure industry have to do with Kenya? The answer is flies. No not that irritating black  buzzing variety, but the sort used in the noble sport of fly-fishing..

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It is a debate that has raged for years. But now Britain’s four million anglers can rest easy – because fish do not feel pain, scientists have concluded.
Fish do not even suffer when they are hooked and fighting for their lives, according to research by an international team.

They say fish do not have a brain system or enough sensory receptors in the nerve cells to experience suffering.

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Captain Andy’s has moved from Lenana Forest Centre to the Bush Rover complex on Karen Road. Anthony is still managing the shop and happy to help and order anything that isn’t on the shelves.

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David Jessett (david@jessett.com) sent a message using the contact form at https://kenyaflyfishersclub.com/contact.

Your web site has made me nostalgic! – I was a member in the 1970s to 1983, and hugely enjoyed fishing the two rivers.

I was interested in the plea for more to fish The Northern. Initially I preferred The Southern, but more latterly the technique needed to succeed in the other river.

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The Conservancy encompasses untouched afro-montane forest, alpine meadows and valleys. It is located within the Mt Kenya Forest Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage site of some 200,000 ha famous for its wildlife, mountain peaks and pristine rivers. Conservancy management is looking for up to 6 investors to develop the following activities:

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