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Letter from David Jessett – Memories

David Jessett (david@jessett.com) sent a message using the contact form at https://kenyaflyfishersclub.com/contact. Your web site has made me nostalgic! – I was a member in the 1970s to 1983, and hugely enjoyed fishing the two rivers. I was interested in the plea for more to fish The Northern. Initially I preferred The Southern, but more latterly […]

The Ragati River Conservancy

The Conservancy encompasses untouched afro-montane forest, alpine meadows and valleys. It is located within the Mt Kenya Forest Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage site of some 200,000 ha famous for its wildlife, mountain peaks and pristine rivers. Conservancy management is looking for up to 6 investors to develop the following activities:

Childhood Memories of Isobel Birch

Last night I was reading an article by John Sampson, in the 15th Nov issue of Shooting Times, regarding Ewart Scot Grogan’s stocking of Kenya’s rivers with trout in the early 1900s. There is a mention of the Kenya Fly Fishers Club and this caught my attention as, my late father was W G Dyson, […]

A (Short) Passage To (a Small Part of) India

Part One – Nairobi to Amritsar via Delhi, Jaipur and Agra Day One, which sort of became Day Two, started with a flight to Delhi via Dubai. Dubai airport is quite odd in that it never sleeps, so at 4 in the morning you can go and buy expensive handbags or, as we did, delight […]

The Southern Star Returns

It began as an irksome drizzle. My fingers slipped around the knot I was tying on my Beaded Prince. Then the rain started to get really irritating. Drops fell steadily off the peak of my cap and I slipped down the greasy grass of a bank and up to my knees in the river below […]

Trout and Salmon – In the seattle surf

At midday I touched down at Seattle airport, a little light-headed after 20 hours flying from Nairobi, via Dubai. The immigration officer asked me what brought me to Washington state. Fish, I replied. He loomed me up and down. “Plenty of those around,” he said, and stamped my passport without further questions. The girl at […]

Fishing report Northern Camp

I went to the Northern Camp on 27th July with Colin, Jens, Beth Gunson and Pop and Grev and a friend of Beth’s who was quite hot. On day one I went upstream on the Gichuki and caught 2 small rainbow on a beaded Connemara and 1 on a Prince Beaded Nymph. I then went […]

Rich rewards from an invalid’s day out

The chiropractor agreed that a couple of days walking would be of great help in healing a ruptured back muscle which had confined me pretty much to the horizontal for a couple of weeks. “Just walk gently over flat, firm surfaces and don’t strain anything at all,” was her concerned advice. I smiled, nodded, and […]

Bid Daddy nets Big Hen on Northern

Another open secret is that Northern Camp is fished out, fishless, fishing useless. Not. On Saturday May 26, Brendan Bowles landed a 4lb hen rainbow from Njoroge’s pool on Northern. Here is his story, followed by a reprise of our annual report that seeks to scotch (apols Thomson Aikman) the notion that Northern is, like […]