Last night I was reading an article by John Sampson, in the 15th Nov issue of Shooting Times, regarding Ewart Scot Grogan’s stocking of Kenya’s rivers with trout in the early 1900s.

There is a mention of the Kenya Fly Fishers Club and this caught my attention as, my late father was W G Dyson, who was a member of KFFC for many years and the Club’s President/Chairman in 1976.

As kids, my brother, sister and myself had many happy times, with Dad on fishing weekends at both camps.

My mum used to write out a menu for our meals, which Dad used to pin on the wall, much to the amusement of other members!!!.

We also spent time helping Dad doing the beat maps on the wall at each camp (are they still there by any chance?) and painting the fireplaces. Happy memories.

Great to know that the Club is still going strong.

All the best for the future.