Big Day on the Southern

So, this week Nick and I both went fishing. Oddly in some ways it reminded me of the Civil War: steelhead angler against steelhead angler, the North against the South, beads and indicators against swung flies. I know sometimes there is a division between swinging flies and fishing indicators, but the reality of it is the indicator is a deadly effective technique and some rivers are more suited to it.

I personally caught my first steelhead many years ago on the Deschutes on a green rock worm fishing with my good friend Doug Cook. That was probably back in 1997 or 98. At that time the only way I knew how to catch a steelhead was with an indicator. It was effective and caught more fish than I can count.

It’s been a long time since I caught one on an indicator. I barely fish an indicator when I Trout fish and never when I fish Steelhead. It’s kind of like how many anglers move through the stages of fly fishing. At first the goal is simply to catch one fish. Stage two generally involves trying to catch a lot of fish. The third goal most often is trying to catch big fish. Well, I’ve kind of moved beyond that. I have caught my first one, and a lot of them, and even some big ones, but now I choose to fish the way I want too. I mostly dry fly fish for Trout or swing streamers. For targeting steelhead I prefer to swinging flies and honestly, I prefer catching them on a sink tip. It all boils down to personal preference, and should not be a me against him, or this way is better than that. Fishing is fun and at this time of unrest and division in the country we certainly shouldn’t let something as petty as fishing tactics



Is engraved over the fireplace in each of our camps.

It means ‘Dedicated to Fishermen’

Your Chairman explains why….






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John Maina Kariuki

Dear Fellow KFFC Members,

I regret to inform you that a long-standing member and friend of the KFFC, Mr John (JM) Kariuki, died last Thursday. Many members will remember Mr Kariuki with affection and gratitude for the tireless work he did supporting the Club, especially at the Northern camp. Read more

Harry Brainch Awarded

Harry Brainch, who caught the biggest fish on the Northern in our 94th Season receives Harrison’s Horn from our eponymous […]

“Samaki” 50 years fishing of the Kenyan Coast

Hi Ya, hope you all well and looking forward to your dinner.

We are putting a book together called Samaki, in celebration of the 50th Delamere competition and the 50th anniversary of Malindi Fishing club. The content will include cuttings, stories, anecdotes, photos on 50 years fishing of the Kenyan Coast.







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Somali pirates now protecting illegal fishing biz

NAIROBI, Kenya — Frustrated by a string of failed hijacking attempts, Somali pirates have turned to a new business model: providing “security” for ships illegally plundering Somalia’s fish stocks — the same scourge that launched the Horn of Africa’s piracy era eight years ago. Read more

One man one river

One man one river – David Lemon almost half-way through his epic exploration … he nears the Lower Zambezi – shared by member Gordon D. Eccles. Read more

Gender roles in the river


Women fish!

That may seem obvious to some, but it’s a ridiculous concept to far too many.

During a gathering of several outdoors editors and writers at a product manufacturer’s press event last year the issue of participation levels in the sport of fly fishing came up. We discussed what it would take to expand participation to Read more

New fishing report – The southern star returns

It began as an irksome drizzle. My fingers slipped around the knot I was tying on my Beaded Prince. Then the rain started to get really irritating. Drops fell steadily off the peak of my cap and I slipped down the greasy grass of a bank and up to my knees in the river below the bridge on beat five. I clambered back up to get even wetter.

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KPLC connection back on at the Northern

We just got a report from Musa Ibrahim that the KPLC connection at the Northern Camp is back on. The faulty transformer has been replaced. Read more